26 September 2009

Ooooooooooooh smelly!

Now before any of you say anything, my nail polish buying moratorium (which in hindsight was pretty unsuccessful) was only in place before I went to Melbourne. So now that I'm back I'm totally allowed to buy more nail polish. Ok?

And here's what I bought:

More Revlon scented polishes. I couldn't help it, 14 Year Old Daughter loves them! She had them all on her nails the other day and smelled like a little ole fruit salad. The polishes are left to right: Mon Cherry, Pretty in Papaya and Mad About Mango. From a distance I wasn't blown away by the colours but up close Mon Cherry and Mad About Mango really appeal.

According to the Revlon website there are eight colours in this collection. Interestingly enough they only show seven, how that works I don't know. I've only seen them in packs of three though so regardless of whether there's seven or eight I'm going to end up doubling up if I want to get the whole set.

The other bottle in the photo is a neon orange (Shade 2) from Coral Colours. Oh and a partially empty cup of coffee. I didn't buy that, I just made it sit in the corner because it's completely failing to wake me up and I'm cross with it.


  1. I guess Revlon is repromoting the fragrance scented polishes. I have the whole set. I haven't worn them all. I love the Mon Cherry. I like the scent and the polish color.

  2. i wish they'd sell the scented polishes here :(