01 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Eight Hour Cream Vintage Edition 1960's

Hello my pretties, my aplogies for the extended absence. No particular reason I'm afraid, although it being school holidays the children's bedtimes are much more relaxed and they're often still on the computers at night when I normally do my posts.

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream is a cult beauty item of the highest order. Created in 1930 by Ms Arden herself, it is beloved of beauty junkies worldwide, and with good reason. I bought my first tube in duty free on my Melbourne trip and I love it - it has so many uses. Although, am I the only one who thinks it smells a little bit like cow poop?

Last year Elizabeth Arden released the Vintage Edition 1950's cream, packaged with a gorgeous American diner inspired jar, and this year they continued the Vintage Edition series with this gorgeous Vintage Edition 1960's limited edition:

How funkylicious is that packaging? US$25.00 on the Elizabeth Arden site, or wherever Elizabeth Arden is stocked, for a limited time.

This is what last year's 1950's Limited Edition looked like, you can still find it around if you do a bit of hunting. It's so cute, I might just have to collect the set!


  1. Oo i like the 1960s one!!

  2. I had a tube a long time ago. I just used it on my hands and also to hold up stray hairs. I don't think it smells like cow poop. It does have a odd medicinal smell.