02 October 2009

Ten Random Facts

The lovely Millie over at Glittermillie's Nails and Sparkle tagged me for this award ages ago (thank you Millie), but I am so far behind in my blog reading that I've only just spotted her post! Anyway the idea is that I list 10 things you (probably) don't know about me, and then tag ten blogs I love. Soooooooo...

1. My first cat was called Socks. He was grey. With white socks.
2. I am obsessed with alphabetising things - books, CD's, DVD's, my herbs and spices. Ocasionally I try to line up all our animals in alphabetical order, but it ends badly.
3. I am only five foot tall. The Eccentric English Boyfriend is six foot tall. Sometimes I catch sight of us in a window as we're walking down the street and realise how funny we look together.
4. I am named after one of the Lawson Quintuplets (born in 1965 in New Zealand and a massive media sensation at the time). When I was born mum and dad didn't have any girls names sorted, so I was 'Baby McEntee" until mum read an article about the Lawson Quins, saw that one of them was named Selina and the rest is history. I love my name, and I especially love that I hardly ever meet anyone else with the same name.
5. I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 31. I'm still not very good at it. Unless wobbling, squealing and falling off constitutes being good at it, in which case I'm, like, a total expert!
6. I am utterly terrified of slugs. I live in mortal fear that one will leap at me from a great height and land on the back of my neck. Cos slugs can do that, you know!
7. My favourite word is 'discombobulated'. I love the way it sounds - say it out loud and you'll see what I mean!
8. When The Eccentric English Boyfriend and I were in London in 2007 Pierce Brosnan was staying at the same hotel as us (it was a VERY nice hotel). He walked past me twice, and both times EEB was looking the other way and didn't see him. To this day he's convinced I made it up!
9. My love of the colour purple dates back to the dress I wore to my first school ball in 1987. The dress itself was an exercise in 1980's hideousness but it was the most gorgeous deep purple colour.
10. I apparently have no problems publically humiliating myself, because here is a picture of the aforementioned exercise in 1980's hideousness!

I think someone murdered my corsage!

Since I'm so far behind in getting to this, most of the blogs I read have already done it, so I'm not going to tag anyone. Instead, if you have a blog and you haven't done this already then I tag YOU! And don't forget to leave me a link in the comments if you do.



  1. Well done Pixi, I realise how much courage it took to post that photo ... I remember you back then, and especially your car *evil grin* Oh and the perms, who can forget the perms?

  2. That wasn't even one of my worst perms, not by a long shot. There were some that seriously made me look like I had a brillo pad on my head!

  3. How cute you look!I recently go my apartment painted and had to put all my books in the closet. There back in the shelves but I really need them alphabetized and put it in order. I also have my old record albums that also need sharpening up. When can I expect you?

  4. Excellent, alphabetising is as good a reason as any to travel half way round the world!