02 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Feronia Butterfly 50's Dress

An unscheduled evening sleep yesterday has completely thrown my sleeping pattern, so here I am at 4am spectacularly wide awake. I did yesterday's pretty just before midnight so now I can knock out today's one and I haven't even left the computer. Clever I is!

It seemed that we had found a winner in my search for a dress to wear to my little brother's wedding with the Halter Swing Dress from Vivien of Holloway. Being the master procrastinator that I am though I hadn't actually got round to ordering it, which may in fact be a good thing because look what just arrived at Kate's Clothing:

I love it! The butterflies are wonderfully whimsical. I know I said I wouldn't buy a black dress for a wedding, but I do think the bright pink of the butterflies stop it being too funereal and instead make it perfect for a summer wedding.

£25.99 from Kate's Clothing. What do you think my pretties? I'd better stop procrastinating and order something soon, the wedding's just over two months away!


  1. Hmmm can't pretend to be an expert on dresses (surprised?!!) but I think this would look pretty fab and would definitely be different.

  2. I love that dress. I think the pink makes it nicely wedding-appropriate.

  3. I LOVE this dress! I'm going to a wedding in October and am very tempted by this...although it'll probably be freezing here so I'd need to find something warm to wear with it!

    Tagged you again on my blog by the way ;)

  4. Love this dress also. You better get a move on! Hurry up and order.