24 October 2009

Recycling is good

I love trawling through recycled clothing shops. Although it does seem to me that now that we call them recycled or vintage clothing shops their prices are quadruple what they were back in the day!

Anyway, The Eccentric English Boyfriend and I did a spot of browsing in some suburban second-hand (sorry - 'recycled') clothing stores, and I found myself a couple of gems. First, and most outrageously, these:

How unbelievably delicious are they? I don't like flowers on shoes, and I'm not often swayed by wedges, but I am so utterly in love with the over the top frou frou of these shoes! NZ$15.00 from a lovely wee shop whose name (or even location) completely escapes me, but I know I will be going back there. I also found this:

Ok seriously, I have no idea why the image is turned that way - it was fine until I uploaded it! You'll just have to turn your head. Hardly worn and a bargain at NZ$20.00, the denim is beautifully soft and it fits like a glove. Those sleeves are even the exact right length, no small feat on my short arms. Obviously it was meant to be.

Then at another shop in Ponsonby I picked up this cute wee cotton skirt for NZ$21.00.

Lovely light cotton, perfect for hot summer days.

Excuse me for just a moment here though, while I have a little rant. New Zealand may be a long, long way from anywhere, but online shopping and international delivery mean that overseas shops are not the exotic novelty they once were. Also, most of us are not too shabby at doing currency conversions in our heads. So when I see a pair of shoes with their original Marks & Spencer price tag still on I'm quite capable of working out that the price being charged for them second hand converts to not much less than they cost new, and I am most definitely NOT going to be stupid enough to buy them.

End of rant. And something yummy and pretty that we picked up on the way home:

Not quite as yummy as the ones I tried in Melbourne, but look at the adorable little care bear on the bottom right cupcake! And yes I totally ate him, and he was ... well actually, he looked better than he tasted!


  1. Just like to point out that not only was I present, but I showed Madame all the shops visited because they're either on my daily commute or near my workplace. She also had a massage at a little Chinese place I know.

    I'm so unappreciated.

  2. And I love you very much :-)

  3. You two are so sweet! Those shoes are adorable. The jacket was just meant to be and love the skirt. Cupcakes are always perfect.