24 October 2009

Today's nails: LA Girl Turntable and Essie Barbados Blue

I've had quite a bit of luck lately stumbling upon stores selling brands I thought were unavailable in New Zealand. LA Girl for instance in the Life Pharmacy outlet store at DressMart - look!

Left to right: Blueberry, Metallic Purple, Turntable, Vinyl Record, Funkadelic, Deejay, Dance Studio and Bedazzle.

And here's Turntable (plus some cute nail art stickers):

Ok I apologise for my camera - both of today's swatches didn't capture particularly well, this one especially. Turntable is much greener, a delicious plasticky astro turf green that I love! Application was pretty good, two coats to opaque, a little prone to dragging but nothing major.

And here is a slightly fuzzy pic of Essie Barbados Blue, which I got a while ago from Grace's polish purge. (She's just had another one, I'm eagerly awaiting my parcel!)

Quite sheer, it took four coats to be opaque, and was very brush strokey and prone to cuticle drag. The colour's pretty - I know it's not a metallic but I think metallic when I look at it.


  1. I like the look of Vinyl Record. I do like creme brights - so much harder to find than shimmer ones.

  2. You bought some fantastic shades. That was great luck finding them.