21 October 2009

Today's nail: KleanColor Charcoal and Silver Star

A trip to the local mall a couple of days ago meant (of course) a scoot around Postie Plus to peruse their cosmetics bargain bins, and joy of joys they are stocking KleanColor for NZ$4.00/bottle. This is another brand I've seen on American nail polish blogs but previously been unable to find here.

Here they are, all lined up like colourful little soldiers:

Back row left to right: Twinkly Love, Silver Star, Silver. Front row left to right: Charcoal, Jewelry Red, Covalt, Sheer Lilac.

Here is Charcoal on:

One coat to opaque (yay) although I did two just to be sure. Charcoal dries to a lovely satin like finish, with the faintest shimmer through it. But because I liked the finish so much I didn't put a top coat on, and prompty smudged it (of course). So I decided to try out Silver Star over the top.

As much fun as these clear glitter polishes can be, sometimes they're just such a pain aren't they? The small round glitters in this applied very sparsely, and the stars were almost impossible to get onto the brush, plus the polish itself was quite thick and hard to work with. In the end I did three coats, and in some cases I had to smoosh the polish around the nail a bit to get the stars to apply. Cute, but a lot of effort and I'm not entirely sure it's worth it.


  1. Oh, that did turn out cute, even though it was a pain! I haven't seen Kleancolor in any of my stores, I wonder where I could find it here - I know you can get it, I just don't know where. I'll have to do some research!

  2. Your nails look fantastic! I like all those stars. I've never seen this brand in my area. I like the other shades you bought also.