06 October 2009

Today's nails: Color Club Blue Light and Zoya Midori

Color Club Blue Light is the first Color Club polish to give me application problems, but look at how pretty it is:

What this picture doesn't show is the brightness of this colour. It was on the Color Club Neons stand, and while I wouldn't quite describe it as neon it is a very very bright pale blue. If Essie's Shelter Island had a baby brother, this is the colour it would be. Annoying formula though, really streaky, lots of cuticle drag and even by the third coat the surface was very uneven, definitely not self-levelling. Thank goodness for Seche Vite though, with a coat of that it came out looking smooth and glossy, and it did keep one of the good traits of Color Club polishes in that it was super quick drying.

I wasn't at all sure how Zoya Midori would look on me. All the yellow greens I've tried in the past have looked ghastly against my skin, no matter how much I love the actual colour. Midori is a winner though, it really works for my colouring:

Gorgeous colour, I'm so pleased I finally have a yellow green I can wear. There is a lot more yellow in this colour than the photo shows. Oh and apologies for the smoodgie bits, I had a shower after I put it on! Two coats to opaque and lovely application (can Zoya do any wrong with their formulas?). I recently splashed out on the complete Zoya Colour Lock system (polish remover, base coat, top coat and quick drying drops) and while I'm impressed with the products I think I prefer the glossy smooth look that Seche Vite gives me as a top coat. The polish remover is great though, for an acetone free remover it does the job brilliantly and it doesn't smell too bad (I've had some acetone free removers in the past that I've had to throw out because the smell was so bad it made me nauseous).

Apologies for the raggedy state of my cuticles in the pics, I did mention that my nails are I are not on speaking terms currently didn't I? More moisturiser for me!

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  1. I love Midori also. Looks pretty on you. I have a hard time with this range of shades also. For some reason I have lots of them. That blue is gorgeous. Some of those polishes are such a pain. They are so worth it in the end. Looks gorgeous on you.