04 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Alice in Wonderland corset by The Vintage Doctor (and a shameless plug)

14 Year Old Daughter has been bitten by the blogging bug (oooooh, awesome alliteration there), and has her own blog called ...different... where she blogs about fashion (and other stuff) from a teenage perspective. We frequently fall in love with the same brands/sites, and many times one of us will be inspired by a post the other has written.

Today for instance she's done several posts about The Vintage Doctor, who do some gorgeous dresses and corsets. There is only one style of dress and two styles of corsets (over and under-bust) on the site, but each one is unique because of the fabric used. From The Nightmare Before Christmas to The Little Mermaid there's a design there to appeal to the fan-girl in all of us.

I'm particularly drawn to the gorgeous retro storybook feel of the fabric used in the Alice in Wonderland and Polka Dots Fruit corset.

US$175.00 from The Vintage Doctor.

Of course if I was really going to buy something simply because I'm a fan, rather than for it's wearability, then I'd want the one featuring Gir from Invader Zim!

Don't forget to check out 14 Year Old Daughter's blog, her mother said you HAVE to!


  1. I love these - the Zelda corset is too cool.

    Off to check your girl's blog. x

  2. It's telling me that blog is not found when I look for your daughter's blog. x

  3. I can't get to your daughter's blog! :(

  4. I love the Alice in Wonderland corset. Very pretty!

  5. Ok ladies, try this link to 14 Year Old Daughter's blog: http://ateenlookatlife.blogspot.com/. For some reason the url's were spelt differently, even though I did a copy and paste.

  6. I want that Gir Corset!

    (By any chance *Didn't read any of this XD) have a pikachu corset?

    Yes, I am a nerd.


  7. You're in luck @ksumiface, they do a Pikachu corset! http://thevintagedoctor.com/vintagestore/product_info.php?cPath=25&products_id=192

  8. The Invader Zim one is amazing! I'm freaking out. I WANT IT. XD