04 October 2009

Like (shopaholic) mother, like (shopaholic) daughter

14 Year Old Daughter and I went on a shopping spree the other day with her boyfriend in tow. Poor boy. He did quite well, except for the lingerie department. At that stage he threw his arms over his head and wailed. Seriously. He did get lots of sympathy and blokey pats on the back from other men in the same situation. Never let it be said that men lack empathy.

Anyway, we bought lots of stuff. Lots.

14 Year Old Daughter bought these for herself:

From left a BYS lip gloss, a mwah! eyeliner pencil, mwah! glittery liquid eyeliner and mwah! roll on eyeshadow. She has the most gorgeous grey/blue eyes and these greens and blues look stunning on her.

I stopped in to the M.A.C. store and picked up some Prep & Prime and a bottle of Beyond Jealous nail polish from the Jin Soon collection. There's a few colours in the collection I've been coveting, but M.A.C. polishes aren't cheap and Beyond Jealous was top of my list. I also signed myself up for a M.A.C. technique class on November 18th, which I'm looking forward to enormously. They cost NZ$120, but NZ$100 of that can be redeemed for product on the evening. I gather they teach the smoky eye, which is a look I've never quite been able to master.

Remember that thing I do where I decide I don't like a particular look and promptly find an example of said look that I do like? Ok, let's add a couple of things to my list of looks I don't like shall we?: I'm not really big on the wedge heels that are being seen on shoes this season, and cork heels don't appeal to me at all. Alrighty? Also, look at these gorgeous shoes I bought:

How adorable are they? NZ$35.00 on a Novo clearance table. And yes, they have wedges and cork. But they carry it off, so there!

Farmers Department Store are celebrating their 100th anniversary, so there are plenty of discounts storewide, including 25% off womenswear. I picked up this cute tee, the motorcycle on the front reminds me of my ex-husband's Honda CB-650 Custom. We spent many happy hours riding around Wellington on that bike! I even had the most awesome leather jacket with fringing. I rocked as a bikie chick.

14 Year Old Daughter managed to persuade me to buy her a couple of cute tees and a gorgeous military style jacket.

How gorgeous is she in that jacket?

The beauty department had 10% off:

I was remarkably restrained, there was so much more I wanted to buy! Left to right is the Australis Rush Hour palette in Down to Earth, Chi Chi nail polish in Merman, Orly Nail Rescue Kit (Orly should totally pay commission to Michelle from All Lacquered Up - since she blogged about this product I think every nail polish blogger I follow has bought some!), L'Oreal Resist & Shine Titanium shade 710, and Australis Rush Hour palette in Pinks on the Go.

I've mentioned before that I'm not a big fan of makeup palettes, too often there'll be a couple of colours in the palette that work for me, and the rest sit there unused. However here's a photo of the colours in the Australis palettes:

All colours that I find wearable, and I venture to say that most people would. That's Down to Earth on the left and Pinks on the Go on the right. I gather all the colours are drawn from their current range, I know I already have a couple of those lip gloss colours in the full sizes. For NZ$14.90 each these are an incredibly good deal. Plus they were 10% off, so what's not to love really?

Much to my delight I found a Color Club stand in Life Pharmacy. Color Club is hard to find here in New Zealand, in fact so far I've only seen them in Life Pharmacy and they have a very limited range. However I did buy this gorgeous colour:

That's Blue Light. Pretty.

And one more small haul - before I went to Melbourne I got a discount code for pop beauty, and the parcel arrived a few days after my return. Look at these puppies:

That's Ocean and Turquoise. I also got one of these clever eyeliner pencils in Black Onyx:

The picture's nabbed from the pop site, because my pencil's all the way upstairs, and it's such a long way to get it and bring it downstairs and photograph it and ... *sigh* Anyway it's a very clever pencil, held one way it draws a standard thin line, and turned 90 degrees it draws a thicker line perfect for cats eyes.

And, pop threw in a sample size of their eyelid primer - great service pop!

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  1. You really got lots of nice stuff! Your daughter is gorgeous. Love that jacket on her. It's really a good thing you don't like a wedge or cork! That color is too hard to resist. I love the colors of the POP polish. Can't wait to see those swatched.