26 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Dorothy Perkins duffle coat

From the time I was little I've desperately wanted a duffle coat, for one reason:

Image from the Official Paddington Bear website

You can have your Winnie the Poo's, your Yogi's and your Care Bears - my heart will always belong to Paddington. And his awesome duffle coat.

But if I'm going to go all Paddington, I want to be pretty too, and this is perfect:

PINK! Currently on sale for £52.00 at Dorothy Perkins. Of course the weather is more and more summery by the day here, but I figure if I wait till Dorothy Perkins has their end of winter sale I'll be buying it just in time for our winter. Except of course that's months away and I want it NOW!


  1. Paddington! Marmalade Sandwich Pixi?

  2. PINK DUFFLE! Haha, I just have to say - FTW. That's just made of awesome. You have great taste!

  3. I.LOVE.IT!! You always find such cute things! There are Dorothy Perkins all over the place here and yet I only see this on your blog :)

    Hmmm how to convince Maz that I really NEED this coat....

  4. Glittermillie, tell Maz that I said you HAVE to to have it!

  5. Haha, this is funny, because I have a coat just like this in blue and people said I looked like Paddington Bear - not many people know who he is, but yeh he's great!

  6. I'm a Pooh girl but I can appreciate a lovely Paddington duffle coat in pink. Just so pretty. If Paddington had a girlfriend she would be wearing this.