27 October 2009

Paint your house, paint your nails

Kit Cosmetics have released yet another nail polish range that I have fallen in love with (and by that I obviously mean 'ordered straight away').

Kit have teamed up with paint manufacturer Dulux to create the Limited Edition Dulux Nail Polish collection. Kit say: Previewing 2010/2011 trends from Dulux’s just-released colour forecast, these nail polishes match four of Dulux’s hottest summer paint hues.

Left to right: DULUX Hot Calypso (pure coral), DULUX Blue Surf (ocean blue), DULUX Kiss (summer musk), DULUX Exotic Flower (sunset orange). AU$15.95 each.

I don't know about you my pretties but I'm in love (obviously, since I just ordered them all!). I'm especially looking forward to seeing Blue Surf and Exotic Flower on.

Now I wonder if I can convince The Eccentric English Boyfriend that we need to paint the house to match my nails ...


  1. Those are so pretty! I'll have to show my husband...he uses a lot of Dulux brand paint in his job and little does he know that they're into nail polish :)

  2. 0oo0 i lovee these colours and i think its so cute they matched them to the delux paints.. i love kit aswell,ive only tried a lipgloss from them

  3. Very pretty colors. I wonder if they ship to the US?

  4. Lucy I just checked and apparently while they do ship to the US you have to phone them to place the order, and I gather they only ship certain products internationally. You'd probably need to email them to find out specifics.


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