28 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Hello Kitty Rocks earrings

Hello Kitty is everywhere these days. I mean everywhere - you name it, they've put Hello Kitty on it. And in some cases it's just disturbing. *shudder*

That aside, I'm quite fond of Hello Kitty myself. In small doses. And not - repeat NOT - on a sex toy, ever ever EVER. (Seriously folks, I've seen it with my own eyes.)

Moving along - these are cute, and not too over the top cute either:

Hello Kitty Rocks earrings, US$10.00 from Emerging Thoughts Boutique.

For some seriously whacky-Kitty, visit Hello Kitty Hell, one man's chronicle of his wife's obsession. If you're at all sensitive to pink and/or cute you might want to take a tranquiliser first.


  1. Those are gorgeous! I'm not big on Hello Kitty either, but I really like those!

  2. I like Hello Kitty in very small doses. A pair of earrings would be enough. Cute guitar pick earrings.