16 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Evilneedles

My daily search for prettiness leads me down some interesting paths, and sometimes at the end of those paths is a real treasure. Browsing Post War Trade (another project by the gorgeous and talented Amanda Palmer) led me to the one-woman Etsy shop of Evilneedles (who also gets today's prize for the best brand name). I mean just look at this dress (US$78.00):

Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeety - I love the red detailing at the waist.

Many of the clothes on the site are made from reclaimed and remnant fabric, including this cami (US$19.99):

Now if you'd asked me previously I would have been quite adamant that "pretty" and "green plaid" were not words that would ever be heard coming from my mouth in the same sentence. Just prove me wrong why don't you!

Evilneedles can be found on Etsy, and at the Evilneedles website.


  1. Arrgh, what are you trying to do to me woman, bankrupt me?! LOVE that dress. Scared to click on the link in case I find more things to covet...

  2. That's a gorgeous dress and an amazing name. Love both.