29 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Twist collection by Forever 21

The new ballet-inspired Twist collection at Forever 21 might be not at all appropriate for those pushing 40 (ie: me), but I can imagine 14 Year Old Daughter having conniptions over some of the pieces, and they're reasonably enough priced that Santa might not be averse to seeing them on her Christmas wish-list.

Beaded Mesh Pleat Skirt, US$19.80

Oval Mesh Net Skirt, US$17.80

Poised Ballerina Tunic, US$17.80

Charisma Beaded Bracelet, US$6.80

What about you my pretties? Could you wear them? Would you wear them? 14 Year Old Daughter is going through a tutu phase at the moment. There is a very short period of time during any girl's life when she can get away with wearing a tutu, so go for it while you can I say!

1 comment:

  1. Not for us older gals. We can imagine how we'd look in them when we were younger. They are so very cute. Hope Santa is very good to your sweet daughter.