29 October 2009

Today's nail: Glitter Gal Dark Purple and Blue

Here are two more from yesterday's Glitter Gal haul. I decided two coloured nails would be fun:

(What is up with Blogger? Two of those photos are upside down - I feel quite sea sick looking at them!)

Would you look at all that glitteriness. (Is SO a word!) Both of these were three coats - they could have been two coats but I was applying them quite thin. Of the three Glitter Gal polishes I've tried so far Blue is the first true holo, with the typical holographic rainbown appearance. The best application of any holo I've ever tried, with none of streaking and glugging that so many holos have given me. It is one pretty little blue baby.

Dark Purple, like Dark Green, is a gorgeous glitter bomb with lovely application. All three polishes dried super fast and super hard too.


  1. Those look like some good dupes for CG OMG collection :D

  2. I agree with Maria! They definitely are - they are SO pretty!

  3. PRETTY! Want on my nailz!

  4. Just gorgeous holos. Love that your mixing them up. Very pretty and shiny.