13 November 2009

All I want for Christmas: Lights and Sounds DeLorean

Some things just never stop being awesome do they? My kids were recently introduced to the Back to the Future movies and aside from having to have a few in-jokes explained they loved them. I loved re-watching them after all these years, and not just because I was reliving the gigantic crush I had on Michael J Fox. Mmmmmmm, Michael J Fox, mmmmmmmm.

Ooops, better wipe the drool off the keyboard. Anyhoo, I'm pretty sure my life will not be complete until I have this:

Seriously, awesomeness piled upon awesomeness - this baby has ten different, movie accurate sound effects, each with their own light combinations; slider activated fold up wheels and tons of movie accurate features including light up dash, time circuits, flux capacitor, and a little Mr. Fusion.

Plus, the doors totally open!


US$39.99 from Think Geek, and it's a limited edition so hurry up and buy me one EEB! Err, umm, what I mean is, if you were the sort of wonderful person who would buy this for your Significant Other because you know how much they'd love it then you'd better get in there before they sell out. (Was that subtle enough do you think?)


  1. oh, I had a huge crush on Michael J Fox too, back in the day- in fact, I think I could probaly still recite the entire script of Back to the Future, I watched it so often. So this definitely appeals to me :)

  2. That's amazing looking. I'll have to watch the movie again. I love it.

  3. I am a huge delorean fan, and im gonna request this on my christmas wish list. i might even give up some of my video games for it (OMG!!!!) i have all 3 movies on video tape, and still watch them. thats an awesome model, and i am gonna get one!