12 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: a dress for 14 Year Old Daughter

Now that I've found the dress I'm wearing to my little brother's wedding (it arrived a couple of weeks ago by the way and is stunning), we need to find something for 14 Year Old Daughter. She and her brother won't be going to the reception, only the ceremony, but we'd still like to find her something pretty to wear.

First contender is this pretty wee dress from Unique Vintage:

The colour would be stunning on 14 Year Old Daughter, and I think it's very pretty and age appropriate. Oh and it's on sale for US$68.00 (down from US$78.00) at Unique Vintage. 14 Year Old Daughter will be showcasing the dress contenders over on her blog, this is the first one she has posted, so head on over there and tell her what you think.


  1. I found your blog today and I love it :)


  2. Lovely dress. I think she may find more that she loves is she keeps looking.