04 November 2009

All I want for Christmas: socks (no, really!)

It's a staple of gift-giving humour isn't it, the sock? From the dad pretending to be excited about yet another pair of socks and a tie from his loving brood, to the teenager who knows that the parcel from Great Aunt Eustace will contain a pair of sensible socks, a floral hanky and $2.00 "to buy yourself something nice, dear".

But, if you've ever checked out Sock Dreams, you'll know that socks can actually be pretty awesome - provided they're the right socks.

There's some socks there I'd love to find in my santa stocking. (Geddit, stocking? Sock humour! Ba-doom tish!)

Some things that 14 Year Old Daughter is bound to love:

Skull Tights, US$7.00.

Something for the Gothic Lolitas:

And for lovers of vintage fashion:

And even some socks your poor beleagured dad might actually like to receive:

1 comment:

  1. They do have some amazing socks. Hope you get some from Santa!