04 November 2009

Today's nails: more Kit Dulux collection and a Nfu-Oh!

Here are the last three polishes in the Kit Dulux collection. All the polishes were wonderfully pigmented and only required two coats (in some cases even one coat may have been enough depending on your application). The formula on all of them was a little on the thick side making them not the easiest to apply, but the colour payoff was so fabulous that I could live with some little application problems.

First, Blue Surf:

Notice the nose and paw to the right of that last photo? Jessie has a bit of an obsession with flashing lights (apparently it's the sheep dog in her ancestry) - she chases the flash when I take photos inside!

Look, here she is again!

See the paw attempting to catch the pretty light? She got so obsessed chasing a flashlight in the hall one night we actually ended up with dog slobber at the very top of the hall door. Seriously, that dog can jump!

Anyway, Blue Surf is gorgeous - utterly, utterly gorgeous. I have a few sky blues in my collection (Essie's Shelter Island and O.P.I. No Room for the Blues spring to mind, there's a few others as well), Blue Surf differentiates itself from them with a dusky undertone that was hard to capture in a photo. When I first saw it in the bottle I said it reminded me of Misa's Dirty Sexy Money, and while the colours are quite different (DSM is a dusky greyed out green with a touch of blue where Blue Surf is a dusky blue with just a touch of green), they do share that duskiness. This colour is definitely my favourite of the collection, and probably my favourite sky blue now.

Next, Hot Calypso:

Oh look, there's that Obsessive Compulsive dog again! If you're a lover of corals you're going to love Hot Calypso. 14 Year Old Daughter was quite taken with it, and it is a very pretty coral. It is totally not my sort of colour though and I'm not really loving it on my skin tone.

(Oh and apologies for the state of my nails, what you can see is buffing detritus - oops!)

And the last Dulux collection colour, Kiss:

Kiss is such a pretty, pretty dusky rose colour, I really do like it. I'd never, ever wear it though, it's just not my sort of colour!

All up, I'm really impressed by this collection. The four colours go really well together, the pigmentation is absolutely fantastic, the polishes have a beautiful glossy finish and all the colours are lovely, even if only two of them are colours I would wear myself.

And finally, the colour I'm wearing now and my first Nfu-Oh! polish, number 53. (Seriously, they put all that effort into their gorgeous bottles, you'd think they could put as much effort into some polish names!):

I can see why the Nfu-Oh! flakies are so popular around the nail polish community, they're so unlike any other polish I own. It's so hard to do justice to the flakies in a photograph, but in this one you can see them showing up pink in the blue jelly. It's a very, very sheer polish though, this was four coats and there's still lots of visible nail line - not so obvious in this photo. Next time I would definitely layer it over another polish.

This photo was taken with a flash and you can just see how the flakies in this light are flashing blue/green - so pretty. (You may need to click on the pic for the larger version to see what I'm talking about.)

And a picture of my thumb which shows how many flakies are jam packed into the polish.

And finally, check out how well this polish matches my opal ring. WOW!



  1. All the polishes your wearing are gorgeous. I don't own any Nfu-Oh's. That a fantastic polish. Love your opal ring.

  2. Thanks for the great swatches! I was wondering where you buy your nu-oh's from?

  3. Jani I was lucky enough to get them in a big lot of polishes I bought from a fellow polish blogger (in America) who was selling off some of her polishes. I've never been able to find a way of getting them here in New Zealand :-(