06 November 2009

More Eyeko polishes

Eyeko have completed their new collection of five polishes with the release of two new shades - Nude and Purple:

Of course I've already received my set of the first three polishes (Cosmic, Indigo and Lilac) so now I'm going to have to place another order for these two! For today only Eyeko are selling the full set of five polishes for £10.00, which works out to £2.00 per bottle. The bottles are normally £3.00 so that's a nice wee saving.

You may recall me saying that Eyeko would be releasing six new polishes in 2009. Well I wasn't wrong, but the sixth polish (called Vintage) is an ASOS exclusive:

So what do you think of these latest Eyeko polishes my pretties? I'm not sold on Nude, but Purple and Vintage look pretty good, and in the interests of having the complete set I'll probably buy Nude anyway!

The Eyeko special is here, or you can buy the polishes separately here. The ASOS exclusive polish is available here.


  1. I would buy them all also. Sometimes I just have to have it all. I'm interested in what nude looks like on the nails. I like the other two colors.

  2. they is very pretty... are we getting the complete set, or buying the two separately?

  3. I ended up buying Nude and Purple plus I ordered Vintage from ASOS - because otherwise the set wouldn't be complete! Of course ASOS don't ship polish internationally (apparently it counts as dangerous goods), so I've had to have it sent to The Eccentric English Boyfriend's Mother. Oh and I might have accidentally ordered some other ASOS exclusive polishes while I was there ...