06 November 2009

Today's nails: China Glaze Tinsel and 5 Golden Rings

Since it was Guy Fawkes yesterday (and firemen around Auckland breathed a sigh of relief when it poured with rain) I thought I'd do something a little sparkly on my nails. I went with a two colour mani in Tinsel and 5 Golden Rings, another two from the China Glaze Loves You Snow Much Collection. (Emerald Sparkle is here, and I won't bother reviewing Ruby Pumps since I've already covered it here and here).

Here they are in natural light:

And inside with flash:

These were both three coats (or it may have been four, but I'm pretty sure it was three), and you can see they're very sheer - there's still a lot of visible nail line. They are jam packed with itsy bitsy glitter though, so much so that I can't actually tell whether the polish base of both is clear or the same colour as the glitter.

I really like both of these, even though the VNL bugs me somewhat. Tinsel is a lovely silver that reminds me of glitter dusted Christmas tree decorations, while 5 Golden Rings is a shade of gold I can live with - not too pale and not too orange. I've not liked many of the gold polishes I've tried in the past, so this one's a keeper.


  1. I really really like these. A lot. I think I need them :)

  2. Two glitters I actually don't have! I have enough of this type of polish. They do make nice glitter.