06 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Steven Madden Liena

It is entirely possible that I've posted shoes similar to this before. In fact I know I've posted shoes similar to this before, at least once. Or twice even. So shoot me - I'm a sucker for a slingback peeptoe with a bow!

Besides, I have a very good justification for this one. Truly. You see, I may be on a no-shoe-buy at the moment, but the one thing I am on the lookout for is a lovely, timeless, go-with-anything nude shoe. Because every lady needs a nude shoe in her wardrobe does she not? C'mon people, work with me here!

So, having justified this shoe (which by the way is also on sale for US$71.96 - more justification), I can tell you that I love the colour of this shoe (described as 'champagne') and I think it would look lovely against my skin tone. Add to that a platform and a five inch heel and I'm sold.

So, if you could all just back me up and tell The Eccentric English Boyfriend that I need these shoes? And point him in the direction of the website, here.


  1. Well, those are indeed divine, and hey, it is a sale!

  2. It's a sale and you really need a beautiful nude shoe. So Eccentric English Boyfriend buy these for Selina!

  3. Those are gorgeous! Here i am wondering over to see if the SM website ships internationally hehe..