01 November 2009

Today's nail: Glitter Gal Silver

Here is the last of the four holos I bought from Glitter Gal (although I suspect it won't be long until I put in another order!). Like the previous three the application on this was lovely with no streaking or dragging and again it dried super fast and super hard. This one was a four coater though and I think I can still see the teeniest bit of visible nail line (but I have to squint and tilt my head to the right and stick my tongue out just ... so - I could be imagining things).

Anyway, pics:

Sparkly, silvery holographic goodness. Need I say more?

I took a gaggle of children trick or treating last night, and about 10pm we still had 14 Year Old Daughter's Boyfriend, 14 Year Old Daughter's Best Friend, and 14 Year Old Daughter's Best Friend's Little Sister awaiting their ride home. Little Sister (who I think is about eight) was a wee bit bored - the big kids weren't much fun and 10 Year Old Son probably has boy cooties so she wasn't going to play with him! I'd just put this on my nails and when I offered to do her nails with it she was jumped at the chance. I just wish I'd taken some pictures, she was very cute!


  1. How nice of you to take all the kids out trick or treating. How did you make out with the candy? I only had 30+ kids. Very disappointing. Love the manicure. Good idea to do nails.

  2. I'm not sure how many kids we had in the end, because I was out with my kids, but I did get quite a few groups when I was at home. I love seeing all the little ones in their costumes, they're just too cute!