31 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Heidi Klum Luminous Face Powder Gems

Does Project Runway have some sort of deal going with Victoria's Secret? First the adorably fabulous Season 4 winner Christian Siriano released an eponymous makeup range for them, and now it's host Heidi Klum's turn.

Called Exotic Jewels, the range is inspired by Heidi's trip to Varanasi in India, and that inspiration is obvious in this gorgeous packaging:

The packaging reminds me of the vibrant colours and patterns of the saris I've seen in the windows of the Indian clothing stores dotted around Auckland. So very beautiful.

The Luminous Face Powder Gems are US$22.00, and more of Heidi's Exotic Jewels range can be found here.


  1. Just a gorgeous package. Such pretty colored balls. I've never used Victoria Secrets makeup.

  2. I tried it once and its amazing..the thing tht i really liked was tht its not shimmery or glittery...its more natural and sheer!.Loved IT!