30 October 2009

All I want for Christmas: number one in an occasional series

I want to brace yourselves my pretties, I have some disturbing news. Are you seated? Ok then: it's going to be Christmas soon.

It's ok, I'll just wait here while you calm down. In through the nose and out through the mouth remember.

As I was saying, 55 days till Christmas my pretties. And this year I'm determined that my Christmas shopping is going to be finished well in advance so that I can avoid the nightmare that is the mall pre-Christmas, and also so that our overseas parcels will be posted prior to New Zealand Post's cut-off of 30 November for international economy post. I still shudder when I think how much our parcels cost to send last year.

While I'm doing all this shopping I'm going to be posting some ideas here as well. From stocking stuffers to big ticket items, hopefully I can help you find something for the pretty people in your life.

First up, if you're in America, have a huge budget and are looking for a gift that a makeup lover will swoon over, then this could be just the thing:

The Makeup For Ever Aqua Eyes Collector Set contains the full range of 25 shades and comes in a collector's metallic case. US$425.00 from Sephora.


  1. Val, of course you can have a (My Little) Pony.

  2. I'd love this set. Maybe I should've bought it during the friends & family sale.