30 October 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Lavish magenta suede shoes by Fergie

It has been six whole days since I last posted some shoes for you my pretties. Restraint? I totally has it.

I'm on a no-shoe-buy at the moment, since The Eccentric English Boyfriend quite rightly pointed out that in the last month I bought - well - lots of shoes. Seriously. Lots.

So I'm going to post these for you, and then not buy them.





Look at the sexy curves on that heel, and the lavish ruffle detail:
US$99.99 from heels.com. Looking at the pretty and not buying the pretty. Not buying. Dum de dum, I am not buying the pretty. Dum de dum, dum de dum ...



  1. Those are lovely! I took a gander at the heels.com site and feel kinda depressed.

    I am NOT a stilleto kinda girl. Am more 1940s heels and that site had very little of it :(

  2. Oh I'm a stiletto girl. The more stilettoey this better. (Yep, that's a word!)

  3. They are tremendously beautiful. How could you not buy them? Does begging the Eccentric English Boygriend work?

  4. Lucy, begging does not work at all. The cute face does not work. Stamping my foot does not work. Tears, they do not work. He is made of stone I tell you, STONE!

  5. They are sold out and on sale :( :( (Double sad face) now that I can't have them i want them more (sigh).

    I don't even like heels that high, but they are ruffly velvet for cripes sake!

  6. LOL Sarah - you can blame me if it helps! :D