03 November 2009

Today's nail: Kit Dulux collection Exotic Flower (and some Lego-Alikes)

The first polish from the Kit Dulux collection, and it's a doozy:

Gorgeously pigmented orange creme - oooooh baby! Two coats and a beautiful glossy finish, but not the easiest formula to work with. Some polishes just flow over the nail and virtually apply themselves, others you have to smoosh around a bit with the brush - like this one. With these polishes it's just a little bit harder to get a nice clean line down the edges, especially if you have little nails like me. Doesn't matter though because the colour is great.

And look at this:

Hey little Lego dude we, like, totally match!

10 Year Old Son was so amused by that photo that he immediately pillaged my polishes for other colours to match his Lego men. 10 Year Old Son presents, The Lego-Alike Collection:

Gun-toting, garbage can lid hat wearing ninja dude with China Glaze Recycle:

One armed mechanic dude with LA Girl Flare Sunny:

Grumpy flower t-shirt wearing hook arm dude with Collection 2000 Hot Looks Show Off:

Facially disfigured mustachioed Mongolian mechanic (seriously WTF?) with Color Club Queen of Speed and Where's the Soiree:

I rather get the feeling that through the years our Lego men have got their body parts a little mixed up!


  1. hahahaha, that's funny. That flowered shirt hook arm has a rather disturbing look on his face!

  2. I can't blame him Danica, that shirt is seriously threatening his masculinity!

  3. Isn't your son adorable. How smart of him to get all the Leggos to match your polish? Love all the photos.