03 November 2009

Today's haul(s): Eyeko polishes and Grace's polish sale haul

Two parcels of goodness today. First, my Eyeko polishes have arrived:

Don't you love the postcard that Eyeko includes with each order? Anyway left to right: Cosmic Polish (for space age nails), Indigo Polish and Lilac Polish (for lovely nails). Indigo looks like it could be a dupe for a few other blue shimmers out there so I'm interested to see what it goes on like. Cosmic is packed with tiny multi-coloured glitter - sparkly! Lilac is a lovely pale purple.

Eyeko have not only paid attention to users' comments about the difficulties of working with their (admittedly adorable) old bottle design, they've also taken note of the number of people who have received polishes which have leaked in transit (it's happened to me twice), and this time they were packaged a lot better for their international flight. So kudos Eyeko. And the new bottles are gorgeous!

Next up, a whole lot of polishes I ordered from Grace at The Kitchen, The Closet and the Laboratory's second polish purge sale.

Pretty sparkly NYX Girls 228, and my first ever Nfu-Ohs, 119 and 53. Best. Bottles. Ever! Obviously I've seen Nfu-Oh on blogs, but seeing the bottles in real life they are just too gorgeous.

BB Couture Poison Ivy, China Glaze Meteor Shower (wow wow wow), China Glaze Orange Marmalade and an O.P.I. which the label has come off of and Grace couldn't remember the name of. Anybody?

Milani Flashy Orange (I read a comment on someone's blog the other day about how truly 80's the Milani bottles are and I totally agree), Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Burgundy Orchid, Maybelline Express Finish Matte Ruby, CM Midnight Impostor.

Lippmann Collection (another first for me) Dark Side of the Moon.

Phew - that's a lotta polishes!


  1. Gah! Great haul!! Love that nail prism!!!

  2. The unknown OPI is At Your Quebec & Call. Nice haul! :D

    I can't wait for my Eyekos!

  3. Yay!! You got the package :) I hope you like all the polishes. Thanks again for taking them off my hands.

  4. The OPI might be At Your Quebec and Call

  5. Thanks Mazoo and AHY - now I just have to figure out how to write the name on the bottle so I don't forget!

  6. oooh i love to see those polishes!! luuuucky!

    p.s. i tagged you in my latest blog post :)

  7. Beautiful polishes you bought!