21 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: but why?

These are ... but they ... I mean ... well it's just ... I can't ... you see they ... but then they're ...

See for yourself:

These shoes give me a bad case of Existential Shoe Angst*. Nothing about them says pretty to me - they're brown and clunky and frumpy and yet I love them and I want them. Why?

US$49.99 from Ruche, the Pink Studio "Jona" oxford pumps would look pretty awesome paired with a pencil skirt and turtleneck sweater for that whole 'librarian' look.

* Actual psychological condition, honest. Take two Louboutins and read me in the morning.


  1. Hmm, sorry, they just scream UGLY at me

  2. Pixi, why are you letting your public know how much of a midget you are? Every time you post shoes, they have huge heels :) Also, see my comment on FB regarding these.

  3. I could see these with wide legged tweed slacks and a nice thick sweater.