21 November 2009

All I want for Christmas: gifts for foodies

I always enjoy shopping for food-related gifts. I mean, combining food, shopping and pretties - what's not to love? If you have a foodie in your life here's a few gift ideas:

First up, my life will not be complete until I have one of these:

That. Is. Awesome. The nail polish shaped cookie cutter is US$1.99 from Downtown Dough. Note to EEB: If you buy me one of these I will totally start baking again. Honest.

How to make vegetables pretty:

Milly's Veggie Twister, NZ$49.95 from Milly's. Note to EEB: I would totally cook more vegetables if I could make them look like this.

How about a big ticket item. In pink:

Pink KitchenAid Artisan Mixer £369.99 from Pink Princess. Note to EEB: If I had a pink mixer I'd totally be in the kitchen mixing ... stuff.

Don't you just love Bento? All those cute little pieces of food packed into cute little Bento boxes - adorable!

See what I mean? Kawaii Mameshiba 2 Layer Bento Box is US$22.00 from From Japan With Love. Too cute. Of course you need the cutlery to go with it:

Kawaii Mameshiba Lunchtime set is US$10.00 from From Japan With Love. Note to EEB: If we had cute little Bento sets like this I'd totally make your lunch for you every single day.

How about a gorgeous cake stand:

£28.87 from Bombay Duck. Note to EEB: if we had one of these it would constantly be filled with dainty sandwiches and cute cupcakes made by me, honest.

Of course you can't go wrong with a cookbook. The Edmonds Cookbook has been a staple in New Zealand for almost 100 years. At one time Edmonds would send a copy out to every newly engaged woman, and you'd be hard pushed to find a household in New Zealand that doesn't have a copy. I have two - one battered, coverless copy from 1969 that belonged to my mum, and one from 1992.

Edmonds Classics brings together many favourite Edmonds recipes from its 100 years along with Edmonds' famous 'handy hints', snippets of Edmonds history and recipe trivia. I've given copies of this to quite a few of our overseas friends and family, so now they too can make ANZAC biscuits (mmmmm, ANZAC biscuits):

Edmonds Classics, NZ$24.99 from Fishpond. Note to EEB: I already have an Edmonds Cookbook and let's face it I only ever go into the kitchen to make coffee, so you're plum out of luck.


  1. Being a foodie, all of those appeal, except for the cookie cutter! :P

    I love love making bento, so the vege cutters and the bento box definitely win in my eyes! :D

  2. Also being a Foodie (now, Thanks Jacqui!) I love this! However, the "nail polish" cutter looks like a beaker from chemistry lab and the bento? The gfx would put me off, that little doggiebean thing looking mournful as the red chopsticks carry it to it's chompy, digestive doom.

  3. Whoa, those veggie cutters are totally cool!

    I'm putting together a big list of foodie gift guides, and I'd like to include yours. May I?

  4. Cake Stand it is for me. Or the Japanese stuff. Or kumara recipes. Or many, many, many more eyeliners, I'm having a withdrawal symnptoms, as you can tell. LOL.

  5. Zeb: I just love Bento stuff, I can't get enough of it. Not that I've ever actually made Bento!
    ValHallen: Double duty cookie cutter - give it to a science geek and tel them it's a beaker!
    Nate-n-Annie: You're more than welcome to include this in your gift guide :-)
    Music: Eyeliners you get for Christmas don't count in your challenge since someone else bought them for you - honest!

  6. That nail polish cookie cutter is adorable.

  7. Hey cuz, is it just me or does the cookie cutter also look like a raised middle finger?

    Also, not so sure you should try cooking veg after they've been thru the twister, looks more like garnish and will prolly be ruined if you try to heat it.

    EEB - get a regular mixer and spray paint it!

    Lastly, am I the only one disturbed by the picture of the cute animal being picked up in chopsticks?!? It's like having a pic of a kitten on a skewer.. no?

    I recently got a pasta machine. They're a pretty addition to the kitchen bench but take a bit of effort, so not for those who want to save time...

  8. Lucy: it is adorable, imagine how much fun you could have icing the cookies to look like polish bottles.

    Patrick: well now that you've pointed it out, yes it does look like a raised middle finger! I've always wanted a pasta machine - if I had a pasta machine I'd totally make homemade pasta all the time ... honest!

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