29 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: not for the arachnophobic

High on my list of 'Things To Do Before I Die" (although lower than 'Snog Colin Firth But Only If He's Dressed as Darcy From Pride & Prejudice mmmmmm Darcy From Pride & Prejudice') is my wish to hold a tarantula. I love spiders, and amongst my group of friends I'm the go-to girl for spider removal. Which is fine because in return I have plenty of friends I can call on when I'm attacked by marauding slugs. Which happens. More than you'd think.

Anyway, I appreciate that not all of you will share my love, so if spiders make you shudder, or scream, or run away with your arms flailing over your head, you might not want to continue reading. There's a whole internet out there, plenty of which doesn't contain spiders so off you go, I won't be offended. Look I've even found you an article about Colin Firth being voted the best Darcy - there's lot of pictures, and even some writing. No need to thank me, it was my pleasure - *drool*.

So, those of you still with me are not going to freak out, right?

Are you sure?

Still a chance to go look at Colin Firth.

Alrighty then, here it is:

Wow - I totally want this hanging around my neck. Mostly because it's pretty, and partly because it would freak my spider-fearing friends out. Mean? Me? Yeah, I am a bit!

The Black Widow Necklace is US$39.00 in sterling silver, or US$344.00 in 14k gold (good thing I prefer silver jewellery isn't it?), from Badali Jewelry.

There, that wasn't so scary was it?


Photo: National Geographic

Hey! Come back! I didn't mean to scare you really. I'm sorry.




  1. Love that necklace! The real spider...not so much.

  2. Er, excuse me, but who found that necklace?

    Anyway, I prefer this one:

  3. Grace: it's ok, I'll protect you from the nasty spider!

    Parsley: yes darling, you found the website for me - credit where it's due!

  4. Shudder, hideous hideous hideous. But then arachnophobia is my middle name. My parents were strange like that

  5. Evadne: obviously your parents knew you would grow up to be scared of spiders :-D

  6. There are some really beautiful spiders. I don't think I want to hold one. I do appreciate the beautiful webs they spin. They also eat other bugs which is great. I love the necklace. I wouldn't mind wearing them in jewelry either. Snogging Colin Firth is on my list also. Good idea to have him dressed as Mr Darcy! Great idea.

  7. Lucy - my mum used to encourage spiders because their webs caught the flies, much nicer on the nose than fly spray!

  8. The necklace and the real spider are both lovely! I used to sometimes wear a silver spider on the labret in my top lip.

  9. THAT one didn't scare me. My pet hate is daddy-long-legs type, the ones with tiny bodies and long thin legs. I picked some of them up accidentally in the past, so HATE them. Give me seaguls anytime! LOL

  10. Music: but daddy long legs are SO cute! I love the little feathery tickles when they walk on me!

  11. I got to play with Auckland's Orange Banded Tarantula when I was last at the zoo - was totally random - we'd just done the cheetah walk and the keepers were doing things with the spiders (was very early in morning) so I was like "ooooh" and the nice keeper lady was like "here hold this" and I got to hold the Tarantula ... fluffy fluffy fluffy

  12. You are an evil woman.
    That is all.

  13. I hate those scary little buggers. Cool necklace though...

  14. ooh cool! i got a vintage spider necklace something like two months ago that I absolutely love: http://firstresponseblog.blogspot.com/2009/09/stripes-flowers-spiders-todays-outfit.html

  15. I don't know how I'd feel if I ran across one in the wild, but when I was in elementary school, every time we visited the local science museum to see an animal show, the tarantula was brought out. Very lucky people got to let it walk on you. I was one of those people. It was cool, but I don't think I've ever stood that still at any other point in my life.

    I somehow doubt that in this age of lawsuits children handling tarantulas is allowed to continue on.

  16. Katie: I remember when I was a kid the local museum had a tarantula - I never saw it out but apparently there was a little boy who went in every week and played with it.