28 November 2009

Yay me!

I'm doing a little dance here - you'll have to imagine it, and remember to factor in the excitable dog jumping up on me and the children rolling their eyes - because I've just reached 50 followers. Woo-hoo!

14 Year Old Daughter and I are in the process of putting together a giveaway, to celebrate this momentous occasion and also my upcoming guest post on Style Society - details will follow. We are however slightly stumped to discover that New Zealand Post won't let us post nail polish overseas. UGH! Anyway, watch this space ...

Also, YAY ME!

EDIT: I also have 60 subscribers in Google Reader. There's probably a bit of cross-over there, but all the same - YAY ME!


  1. Congrats from the other side of the world! :)

    My followers aren't that many as some prefer to subscribe in a reader instead. I originally started mine exclusively for my Australian forum friends & family members, it's only recently I thought of letting more people read my thoughts. I'm glad I did so, otherwise I wouldn't have "met" you!!! :)

    P.S. Have I told you that my other half is English & he's quite eccentric? LOL.

  2. Good grief, there's more than one Eccentric English Boyfriend? That's kind of scary o_O

  3. Fantastic! Congrats on reaching 51 Followers. I really enjoy your blog. Love your writing. It's much more interesting when you blog about your family also. Just polish and a picture is kinda boring. Love all the pretties also.

  4. congrats! yours is one of my fave blogs (and i'm not at all biased as a fellow kiwi!)...

    i used to subscribe to blogs via google reader, but decided that it's nice for the bloggers to know they are being followed, so now i always officially follow the blog in addition to using my reader...just my two cents :)

  5. Thank you KiwiBex! Like you I generally end up both following blogs and using Google Reader - I prefer Google Reader's interface but also like to let people know they're being followed. :-)

  6. Rest assured the original phrase stays as yours. Mine is "the eccentric English hubby". What to do, they seem to be everywhere, Englishmen! LOL.

    Oh, oh, does he insist on having imported Terry's Chocolate Orange for Xmas? No matter how expensive that cost in NZ/OZ? If yes, welcome to my world! :D

  7. Music: with mine it's Bendicks mints. I think that's how you spell it? Mind you I'm all for expensive chocolate!

  8. I know I'm hell late writing a comment on this post considering it's January 2010 now... What can I say, when I find a new blog I backread.... Anyhow, being a fellow Kiwi I immediately joined the shock at "NZ Post not allowing postage of NailPolish"... hmmm. I receive it ok - wonder if it is just for us Kiwis posting more so than us receiving.... Or are we receiving because customs aren't doing a very thorough job checking our wee polish hauls when they come thru... Have you learnt anymore about it by chance? I tried to do an order of Seche Vite thru a particular supplier who said they couldn't post it to me in NZ, yet I receive stuff fine via ebay or other etailers.

  9. Hi Hannah Banana! I never have any problems receiving nail polish from overseas, but when I went to post it the lady specifically asked if there was any polish in the package and I said yes and was then told I couldn't post it. I ended up going to another post office which was so busy they didn't even ask! I just put "cosmetics" on the Customs declaration, rather than "nail polish" and it was posted no problems. Each country has different regulations about posting polish and whether it's considered a dangerous item.


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