28 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Summer handbag from Mercedes Louise

I have a conundrum my pretties. I have fallen in love with the gorgeous Summer Handbags at Mercedes Louise, and I have decided I am going to buy myself one. But which one? Help me out here, ok?

First up, my favourite colour:

Obviously I'm going to love the purple version, and it comes with a choice of trim - green or pink. Pretty.

Then there's black:

A quick rifle through my closet will reveal my love of black, and this would match plenty of outfits. Plus, pretty.


Surprisingly, I love this the most. And I'm not a fan of green (except on my nails). The practical side of me says it would be harder to match this to an outfit, but then I already have go-with-anything handbags and this has the wow factor does it not?

So, what do you think my pretties? Which one would you choose? AU$45.00 from Mercedes Louise.


  1. Love the purple with pink trim. I'm not even crazy about that shade of green but that's adorable. Is the bag very expensive? If not buy both.

  2. You know Lucy, I hadn't even thought of that! My currency converter tells me it would be US$40.00 per bag. But if I'm going to get two should I get purple and lime, or black and lime, or black and purple, or ...

    Or I could buy all three ...