10 December 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: to keep you going for a few days

Hello my pretties, a quick post before I madly start packing - we're off to my home town of Dunedin this afternoon for my little brother's wedding.  I am so looking forward to wearing my dress.  I mean I'm sure the bride will look lovely and all, but my dress is GORGEOUS!

We're away for a few days and although we're taking the laptop I doubt I'll have any chance to blog, so here's a couple of pretties to keep you going until my return.

First: Shoes. Pretty. Bright pink. Nuff said.

Actually, not quite enough said - also on sale! But I probably shouldn't buy them, right?  £7.00 from New Look

Moving along quickly before I buy the shoes, some more shoes.  Not on sale, but pretty nonetheless:

Mmmmmm, pretty nude shoe with lovely bow detail.  The Tony Bianco Cherish is NZ$219.99 on royalt.co.nz.

And finally, gorgeous jewellery:

That's the Hand Knit Argentium Silver and Blueberry Quartz Cuff, US$125.00 from KaelinDesigns on Etsy. Who knew you could knit silver - the thought leads me off on this weird tangent where I start imagining elderly robot grandmothers knitting jumpers for their grandchildren.

RIGHT!  Enough of the silliness, packing to do.  See you in a few days my pretties.


  1. Have a great time at the wedding, hope the dress goes down a storm :-)

  2. Have a lovely time! I'm off tomorrow to visit my parents in Indo. :D

  3. You have the most wonderful taste. I hope you had a fantastic time at the wedding. Pictures would be lovely.