13 January 2010

More things that make me want to break my no-spend pact - Illamasqua pastel polishes

When I think of Illamasqua polishes I think of dark, dramatic colours. Which is fine by me, I love dark colours on my tips. But their latest collection couldn't be more different, and I want it!

Here are some closer bottle shots of the colours:

Illamasqua say: Think of the yummiest lemon sorbet you've ever had. We've bottled it.

Illamasqua say: A lovely lavender lilac for the girls and guys who love their nails ultra pretty and feminine.

Illamasqua say: A lovely mint icecream shade. 

Illamasqua say: A beautiful cornflower blue that is a delectable hybrid of blue and grey. Very unique.

Every single one of these colours appeals to me - what about you my pretties? More information, including swatches, on the Illamasqua blog.


  1. I don't think I own any colours that come close. Beautiful. What's the damage on those puppies tho? lol I still haven't reached the stage where I've spent more than $15nz on a nail polish (and that's fairly cheap for an OPI here too as you know)

  2. I can't remember off the top of my head how much these are, and for the sake of my wallet (and my heart) I don't think I want to know!