14 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Pinup Dresses Rockabilly Swing Dress

The no-buy pact seems to be going well thus far my pretties. The Eccentric English Boyfriend and I went to the mall for dinner tonight and the only thing I bought was the Simple Cleansing Wipes 14 Year Old Daughter and I both love for removing our makeup. That's right, all I bought was something I consider a necessity - no nail polish found its way into my hands, no shoes forced themselves upon my feet and no pretty clothes convinced me I would look several sizes smaller wearing them.

But then I come home, see this dress and decide that actually the Universe obviously doesn't want me to be on a no-buy, or it wouldn't put something this pretty in my way:

Look at it, with its pretty floral print, its swooshy skirt and its nipped-in waist.  Surely the Universe wouldn't be so cruel as to show me this if I wasn't supposed to buy it? Now if I can just convince EEB that the forces of the Universe are too great for us to defy, this dress could be mine!

US$74.99 from Pinup Dresses on eBay.


  1. I have to say I have been avoiding commenting on this post, mainly because I wanted to pretend somethign so pretty didn't exist! lol! It is so lovely!

  2. Not only does it exist ... you want to buy it *waves fingers mysteriously* you really want to buy it!