15 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: in which I admit defeat

Right! That's it! This is me throwing my hands up in defeat, because I've come to the unavoidable conclusion that The Universe does not want me to go on a no-buy. In fact I'm pretty certain The Universe is saying "Renovations? Pah! Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on renovations when there is So Much Pretty out there?". Why else would Lauren at A Typical Atypical have posted about Fever Designs? I mean that's just putting temptation in temptation's way isn't it? Obviously The Universe Made Her Do It!

So never mind the squooshy bit in the middle of the toilet floor that sags just a little more every time we walk on it, I want this:

Ok so it's another full-skirted nipped-in-waist dress - I freely admit it's a style I'm a sucker for. Plus, this one has a boat neck so that makes it totally different - I love boat necks.  I also like the fact that the skirt is flat fronted and pleated at the sides. Plus ... PLUS - It's. On. Sale.

The Escala Dress is £37.50 on sale from Fever Designs.  Soooooo, my pretties, which is it to be? Pretty dress (on sale, I mentioned it was on sale right?) or floor in possible imminent danger of collapse? You decide!


  1. Ohmigod! Just get the boyfriend to find an extra job to fund the shoppping! That is a stunning dress, truly awesome. Buy it, buy it!!

  2. LOL - he already works long hours, if he got another job I'd never see him. ... Actually ...

  3. I have this dress! I have the blue one, and it is amazing. Seriously, you'll feel like Princess Grace in it, it is so beautiful. I know I'm a bad influence on everyone around me, but you won't regret it!

  4. You girls aren't helping you know! How can I be a model of restraint and sensibility if you're all egging me on?

  5. Obviously the dress. You don't want to be wearing something horrid when the firemen come to dig you out of your collapsed floor, do you?

  6. Anastasia you make a very good point! And in that case I'd better get some shoes to go with it ...