16 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Uralla shoe by Nina for Novo

Sooooo, I was in the mall today, browsing the sale section at Novo Shoes, when I saw these babies (which weren't on sale):

Aren't they pretty? In real life those ruffles have a lovely soft look to them which is just irresistable.

The Uralla by Nina for Novo are AU$107.95 or NZ$116.90, and I'm afraid are only available in Novo stores in New Zealand and Australia - all you overseas pretties will have to do without. Which I did too, actually - I didn't buy them. Restraint? I totally has it.

Well ... not totally ... I did buy a pair of shoes, but they were only NZ$15.00 so it's ok!


  1. Alcoholics don't sit in the bar, what are you doing in the mall, especially the shoe shop when you're not spending?

  2. I had to, The Eccentric English Boyfriend made me. He wanted to go to the Hill & Stewart closing down sale, and he forced me to go with him. FORCED I tell you!

  3. I saw the same, identical shoe at Nine West.com on sale for $55.30..check it out!

  4. You're quite right Jackie - in black, red and silver. That's good news for my Northern Hemisphere readers!


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