01 January 2010

Today's nail: MAC Seriously Hip

Playing around with my new netbook (did I mention how much I love my new netbook? I did? OK then,) I discovered that it quite happily reads the SD card from my camera - which unfortunately means that it looks like it's my camera that's refusing to talk to the other computers, but also means that I've been able to download the hundreds of photos that have been trapped on my camera.  So today I have MAC Seriously Hip for you, a polish that I bought and swatched several weeks ago.

Seriously Hip gets my award for the most bizarre nail polish in my collection.  In the bottle the different sizes of gold glitter suspended in the black jelly base settle into layers that look like the sort of geological strata you'd find in an alien landscape.  On the nail the colour is amazing and almost reptilian, but also annoyingly lumpy and rough looking - I only did one coat of Seche Vite but it really needed two.

It's so long since I swatched this I can't remember much about its application - I think it was two coats and I don't think it gave me too many application problems.  I do love it though, just because it's so unusual.  The thickly packed gold glitter seems to not just be different sizes but also different shapes - I swear there's flakies in there.  I can imagine this is the sort of polish you'll either love or hate - I think M.A.C. have outdone themselves with this one.


  1. What a neat polish, it's lovely!

  2. I really like the looks of this polish. I've been trying to stay away from Mac. Their stuff is just to tempting to me. Love it on you.