01 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Princess Pinafore dress

Today's pretty breaks my Daily Pretty Golden Rule, which is that the items I post should be things I can imagine myself (or on occasion 14 Year Old Daughter) wearing:

Now I absolutely love this dress, and if I were younger (and, let's face it, brave enough to stand out this much) I'd love to wear it - but these days I couldn't dress like this without ending up with a serious case of mutton dressed as baa-lamb, and 14 Year Old Daughter's sensiblities lie more in the punk/goth direction.  Still, it's fun to look at and imagine how cute my younger self would have looked in it.  Except my younger self was more interested in shoulder pads, perms and excessive amounts of plastic jewellery - it was the 80's when my younger self was, well, young!

If your taste tends towards the Gothic Lolita, the Princess Pinafore Dress (with petticoat) is 25,800 YEN from Metamorphose.

1 comment:

  1. That is adorable. I imagine myself in this if I had another body and lots of years taken off my real age.