09 January 2010

Today's nail: Tsuya Tsuya Purple Dot

My nails are an explosion of purple glitteriness:

The last two photos are more indicative of the colour, although it's pinker than that again.  Purple dot is a purple jelly base jam packed with pink and silver glitter. Application was lovely, it was three coats to opaque but could possibly be two if you do thicker coats than I did. It does have quite a rough finish, as you'd expect with this much glitter, with one coat of Seche Vite it still feels quite rough but that's not an issue, especially when it's this blingity-bling gorgeous!

Tsuya Tsuya nail polishes available here.

Also, Blogger randomly rotated the top picture, does anybody know why this happens?


  1. Purple glitter is the best kind of polish :P

  2. Gorgeous glittery purple. What's not to love about this! Looks lovely on you.