08 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Cat Charm Bracelet from What on Earth

Back in the days before The Eccentric English Boyfriend and I moved in together and added dogs to my already sizeable menagerie there was a time when I was in serious danger of becoming a Crazy Cat Lady.  Nothing much has really changed, except that now I'm in danger of becoming a Crazy Animal Lady, if I'm not driven just plain crazy by EEB first.

EEB isn't a big fan of cats, having grown up in a cat free dog owning household, so he and my cats aren't on particularly good terms.  Apparently it's a bad thing when they vomit hairballs in the middle of his office.  Some people just don't understand what it is to be owned by a cat!

Regardless of his feelings about cats, I think I may just drop some hints about how much I love this bracelet. After all it's only nine months till my birthday!

The Cat Charm Bracelet is US$39.95 from What on Earth.


  1. This bracelet is adorable! My friends all tease me about becoming a Crazy Cat Lady, haha.

  2. Cute bracelet. I never had a cat cough up a hair ball. I didn't have long hairs. I think I'd throw up.

  3. Want. I just showed the picture to hubby, for "peace offering" purposes. Or to distract my mind from wanting to get MORE eyeliners. LOL.


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