08 January 2010

Post-Christmas hauls

Christmas has lasted a while here. At least that's what I tell myself every time I spend more money on polishes - it's just another Christmas present to myself because I'm generous like that!  Anyway, here are a few pictures for you of polishes and other stuff I've given myself recently:

First up, from todays mail, some polishes from Tsuya Tsuya. I can't remember whose blog I discovered this brand on (if it was you drop me a note so I can give credit where it's due). I ordered Green from the Candy Shop Collection and Purple Dot from the Incandescent Collection.

One small gripe: the website only shows one photo of what I assume is the Candy Shop collection, and there is a drop down menu allowing you to choose between the three collections (the third is Classic French), and then choose how many polishes from the collection you want. Tsuya Tsuya then email with the colours available in each collection for you to choose from, but it would be really nice to see each colour listed separately on the website, currently it's a bit of a lucky dip choosing by colour name only.  Luckily I love the two colours I bought, plus they came packaged in a plastic pouch with a nail file (decorated with lemons) a buffer block and a 'magic' nail buffer, along with a cute little drawstring carry bag as modelled by a sleepy Fred!:

The photo doesn't do justice to the gorgeous glitteriness of Purple Dot - a purple jelly base packed to bursting with pink glitter. Aside from my minor gripe about the website design I was impressed with the communication and customer service of this Singapore-based company, and of course the free gifts!  Tsuya Tsuya nail polishes are S$12.90 each.

Next up some Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab nail polishes from Black Phoenix Trading Post.  I was on the site ordering a couple of their awesome tshirts as Christmas presents for The Eccentric English Boyfriend (this one and this one), but I couldn't possibly do that without putting some of their gorgeous nail polishes in my basket now could I?

Robotic Scarab, Destroying Angel and Smokestack. Great names, great colours - can't wait to see these babies on. US$9.00 each.

Some Mode cheapies found in a drugstore bargain bin, a new brand to me:

Blue Steel, Party Girl (much greener than the photo suggests), Style Magnet and Midsummer Dream.

Some Constance Carroll polishes - they seem to be updating their packaging and the colour range available in New Zealand has improved from the reds and pinks I previously knew them for:

Diamond, Midnight Rouge, Midnight Blue and Viva Las Venus.

The Range of Color Club polishes available in New Zealand is also increasing much to my joy - although it's still nowhere near their full range. I nabbed this navy blue beauty at the drugstore the other day:

Naughtycal Navy. At what point do you think I should admit I have too many navy polishes? No, no, you're right - I could never have too many navys.

Remember when I said I'd ordered two pairs of shoes in the New Look sale (in direct contravention of my no-buy, but totally justified because they were on sale and cute, so there!) - well turns out it was actually three pairs, but one pair was a cute pair of trainers for 14 Year Old Daughter so they don't count.  Here are the other two, apologies for the tiny grainy photos taken on my netbook's webcam in bed - just because I can laze in bed with my netbook and take photos with the webcam!

Purple cuties! Less blue and more gorgeous vibrant purple in real life than in the photo.

More cuties! I'm not sure about the placement of the strap though, I may end up cutting it off.

And of course I threw a couple of cheap polishes in with my order:

Star Gazer 128 and 131.

Finally check out these cute little spider earrings I picked up for NZ$5.00 in the Diva sale:



  1. Spider earrings!!! Eeeep! (and who pulled off the other legs...?)

  2. LOL - I didn't even notice that! Obviously they're some sort of mutant spider/bug hybrid!

  3. DIVA sale rocks! I love that shop. Tho we dont' have one in Wanganui, so everytime we go to Palmerston North it's a must-stop. I got some $5 earings - was so impressed at just how much stock they cleared at that price. Not just a small section, more like half the shop! Fabulous.

  4. Great hauling! Those spider earrings are super cute!

  5. Love everything you bought. Pretty polishes and prettier shoes. Cute spider earrings.