04 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Newport News Plunge Neck Swimdress

Despite what this morning's rain would have us believe, it's summer my pretties. At least here. I apologise to my Northern Hemisphere readers currently swathed in layers of clothes in front of the fire!

Of course summer means swimsuits, and I am desperately in need of a new one. I have a perfectly serviceable tankini - or at least it would be if I weren't a size or two larger now than I was last time I wore it. So, I think my new swimsuit needs to cover the curvy wobbly bits that I'm not really so fond of right at the moment, and this one fits the bill nicely:

I like the ruching at the bust and the not-too-overdone ruffles at the neckine, and the skirt would do a nice job of covering up those curvy wobbly bits.  The Plunge Neck Swimdress is US$39.oo to US$44.00 on Newport News.

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