04 January 2010

Today's nail: ASOS Paint by Ciate in Alexa

I finally received my Eyeko ASOS Exclusive Vintage polish.  I ordered it from ASOS and then Eyeko did a promotion where they were giving it away with other orders on their site which was just typically bad timing on my part! Of course there was no way I was going to order just one polish now was there? I mean this is me we're talking about here, who'd ever expect me to be that restrained - I may have included a couple of others in the order. ASOS won't ship nail polish outside of the UK so I had it sent to The Eccentric English Boyfriend's mother and she included it with our Christmas parcel:

At back is an ASOS Paint by Ciate gift set in Sienna and Alexa, and at front is Eyeko Vintage Polish, Nails Inc Portland Place and Nails Inc Duke Street.

And here is ASOS Paint by Ciate Alexa:

Love it! A gorgeous dark navy blue that could almost be a one-coater - I used two though. Really lovely formula that I think I would describe as jelly - it's so dark and pigmented that it's hard to tell. And that colour - well I love navy blues and this one is stunning. Similar to but not quite as dark as Eyeko Vamp Polish, it retains its blue hue in all but the lowest of lights rather than appearing black as some very dark blues can do. This colour has knocked Eyeko Vamp down a couple of notches in my favourites list because of its ease of application and also its gorgeous glossy finish.


  1. That may be just the navy I'm looking for. I keep finding navy's with shimmers in them. I want a navy creme and this looks like one I would like. Looks lovely on you.

  2. Lucy I do think it is the perfect navy - although since ASOS won't post their polishes overseas you might have to have it sent to a friend in England to send on to you!