12 January 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Something warm for my poor cold Northern Hemisphere readers

An extra special hello to all my pretties suffering through cold and snow at the moment - you have my sympathies. And I'm totally not going to gloat about the fact that where I am it's sunny and warm and there are butterflies flitting around the garden. Nope, totally not gloating.

Anyway, you poor wee things are obviously in need of lots of nice warm clothes, which should also be pretty obviously, and if the hot pink duffle coat I posted about here is just a wee bit bright for you how about a pastel version from New Look?

I particularly love this blue (called Oceania), it also comes in Kermit (which looks like a sage green on my screen), Belini (pale pink) and Ecru (hardest colour ever to describe, off white-ish?).

New Look describe this as the "Washable Duffle Coat" which presumably means it can be thrown in the washing machine rather than having to be dry cleaned. I'd say that's a good thing for those of you who have been snowed in!

The Washable Duffle Coat is £40.00 from New Look.

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