06 February 2010

Bendon DimitySo Lingerie - prettiness for D to J cups

Long before its collaboration with Elle Macpherson launched Bendon Lingerie onto the international market it was a staple in the lingerie drawer of all Kiwi chicks. My first bras were from Bendon, and those of us Kiwi chicks old enough to remember the 80's probably owned at least one piece from their ubiquitous (and long lived) French Collection. I had several pieces, in shades like skin tone, white, peach and ivory - we really knew how to be adventurous with our lingerie colours back then!  Over the years Bendon have expanded their ranges with additions like Elle Macpherson and Macpherson men, the Hey Sister range for the younguns, and now the DimitySo range.

The DimitySo range caters for cups sizes from D to J and allows us bigger bosomed chicks to hoist our puppies into something pretty, feminine and not too expensive. Because let's face it, the range of lovely stuff for big boobs has grown in recent years but there's still a lot of stuff out there that looks like it was designed for the Russian Women's Army during the Cold War.

Here are a few of my favourite DimitySo pieces:

Courtesan Night balconette bra and bikini in Plum Kitten/Coral (also available in Mood Indigo/Violet):

Rose Beat balconette bra and bikini in Graystone/Peach (also available in Black/Gold):

Snowthorn balconette bra and thong in Plum Kitten (also available in Peaches 'n' Cream):

Pepper Dream strapless bra and bikini in Afterdark (also available in White, Mocha):

There are so many more styles available in the DimitySo range that you're bound to find something you like. Check out the website here, and a comprehensive listing of New Zealand and international stockists is here.

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  1. I don't know about grey though... the grey is a little too prison warder for me, and would swiftly resemble some of the Once Were White archeological finds in the back of my undie drawer! :) But the styles are so pretty.