06 February 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Mink Schmink Pink Frosting Ring

Who remembers the pretty, and pretty delicious looking, Chocolate Ring by Mink Schmink I blogged about back in November? Well Mink Schmink have their online store up and running, and they are having a sale on some of their items until 28 February. The Chocolate Ring is now AU$20.00 (down from AU$25.00). I might have to buy it. And also this:

Mmmmm, frosting. Pink frosting. Pink buttery sugarey frosting. With pink.

You have no idea how much this is making my mouth water. You see, the lovely people from the NZ Multiple Sclerosis Society gave me a great book by Professor George Jelinek about living with Multiple Sclerosis, and one of the things he recommends is a diet containing virtually no saturated fat. There is some strong research showing that this can reduce the frequency and severity of MS episodes and lengthen the life expectancy of an MS sufferer so it's well worth me doing it. Plus it's all healthy and stuff and I could stand to lose a bit of weight anyway, but it means no chocolate for me. None. And no pink frosting. Not one little lick of the spoon. Potato crisps? Nope, no salty crispy deep fried potatoey goodness shall pass these lips. And bacon? Noooooooo bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.

You've probably gathered this is not the easiest thing for me to do. Whenever I tell my friends about this diet there is inevitably a sharp intake of breath - my chocolate addiction is the stuff of legend!

In view of this I'm sure The Eccentric English Boyfriend will understand that if I can't eat chocolate and pink frosting I can at least wear it. Well, plastic versions of it anyway - the real thing might be a tad messy!

The Pink Frosting Ring is on sale for AU$20.00 at Mink Schmink. More information on Professor Jelinek's MS research can be found here.

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