14 February 2010

I may have bought the silliest shoes EVER!

The Eccentric English Boyfriend and I went to the Avondale Markets this morning.  As well as buying lovely fresh fruit and veg and cute second hand clothes I bought what may possibly be the silliest shoes ever.

So pink! And the sole and heel? Plastic. I kid you not, they're made of plastic. I almost thought these were kids dress-up shoes, but the insole is actually soft and cushioned and the straps and flowers are made of leather. Are these not the funniest shoes ever? I just couldn't resist them, especially for NZ$4.00. I suspect I'll never actually wear them, but I'm going to put them on display in my bedroom!

The Eccentric English Boyfriend, meanwhile, bought a ladder. So we both bought things that make us happy!

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